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Colombian Supremo Decaf / Medium Roast / $15

Fruity and winey in the aroma with smoky flavours and dark berry. Ashy aftertaste with a high acidity and Medium body.

Ethiopian Decaf / Medium Roast / $17

Herby, grassy and charred in the aroma with a charred and ashy flavour. Smoky aftertaste with medium acidity and medium body.

Mexican Decaf / Fair Trade / Medium Roast / $17

Aroma of damp wood with flavours of spice, cloves and ash. Rich dark chocolate in the aftertaste. Low acidity and Medium body.

Mocha Java Decaf / Medium Roast / $16

Unsweetened chocolate in the aroma with bakers chocolate in the flavour. Toast and cooked rice in the aftertaste with Medium acidity and high body.

Peruvian Decaf / Medium Roast / $17

Aroma of wild rice, bread and garden vegetables rolling into the flavour of garden peas and butter. Grainy aftertaste with Medium acidity and Medium body.

Sumatra Decaf / Medium Roast / $17

Dark chocolate in the aroma along with dark berry. Dark chocolate carries over into the flavour and a vanilla, buttery aftertaste. Medium acidity and body.