Indian Monsoon / Medium Roast

The beans are laid out and exposed to Monsoon rainstorms to replicate the original process and flavour profile from centuries ago. Floral aroma with caramel and syrup in the flavour. You’ll find an aftertaste of roasted hazelnut with low acidity and Medium body. Put on your raincoat.

Jamaican Blue Mountain / Medium Roast

Grown exclusively in the Blue Mountain region between Kingston and Port Antonio. Vanilla and pastry like aroma with vanilla, chocolate and butter in the flavours. Winey aftertaste with medium acidity and high body. This coffee is almost as famous as Marley.

Recipe 97 / Medium Roast

Nobody knows the troubles we’ve seen. It took us 96 roasting attempts to get it perfect but we think we have it. Scents of cocoa and molasses. Syrup and spice on the flavour. Aftertaste of sweet honey with high body. It was definitely worth the effort.

Kopi Luwak / Medium Roast

These beans go through an incredibly interesting journey before we roast them to perfection. Rich aroma, full-bodied, slightly syrupy with a clean aftertaste. On almost every aficionado’s bucket list. Start saving your pennies.

Hawaiian Kona / Medium Roast

Cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Bread and wheat in the smell, toast and cucumber in the flavour. Toasted nuts in the aftertaste with low acidity and high body. Book ‘em Dano and get me a Kona.