Ground or Whole Bean, available in 2 oz, 2.5 oz, 8 oz, 1 lb & 5 lb. Also available in Katie Kups (K-cups)


After Dark

This is one of our darkest roasts. It’s very nice with rich desserts. We also recommend that you drink it after the sun goes down. That’s why we called it After Dark. Clever?

Roast Level: After Dark

Sensory Notes: Molasses, Charred Wood, Smoke, Dark Chocolate

Origin: Central America

Charlie’s Secret

This is a tightly guarded recipe that only one person has knowledge of. You will detect the cedar and ground pepper aroma, a smoky flavour with high acidity. Good balance across palate. Only Charlie knows the secret.

Roast Level: Dark

Sensory Notes: Ground Pepper, Smoke, Dark Chocolate, Topsoil

Origin: Central America, Africa, Indonesia


Grassy, wet earth aroma, which carries into the flavour along with notes of garden peas. It has a chocolaty aftertaste with low acidity and light body. A long time favourite with many a connoisseur.

Roast Level: Medium

Sensory Notes: Bluegrass, Ground Pepper, Lemon Rind, Wood

Origin: South America


Many can’t pronounce the name properly but this bean is outstanding. Berry like in the aroma that carries into the flavour along with slight citrus notes. Low acidity with a medium to light body. Ethiopia is where the first coffee bean was cultivated so it must be good.

Roast Level: Medium

Sensory Notes: Berry

Origin: East Africa


Toffee and brown sugar in the aroma and a light syrup and honey flavour. We also find some citrus notes. It is very low in acidity and has a Medium body. Did someone say el café?

Roast Level: Light

Sensory Notes: Toffee, Drying Wood, Pine Resin

Origin: Central America


Aromas of Mexican toast and wild rice turning into flavours of honey and thick syrup. Buttery and caramel in the aftertaste with high acidity and Medium body. Imagine that swirling around in your mouth. Ole!

Roast Level: Medium

Sensory Notes: Baking Bread, Cinnamon, Peanut, Butter

Origin: North America

Midnight Obsession

We all have one or two but this obsession is one of burnt pine and ash in the aroma with a pleasant, smoky taste. Low in acidity and Medium in body. Think about having a slice of chocolate cheesecake on the side.

Roast Level: Dark

Sensory Notes: Soil, Smoke, Molasses, Wet Tobacco

Origin: Central America


Sweet caramel in the aroma carrying over into the flavour with dark berry and herbs. Grassy aftertaste with Medium acidity and Medium body. We have been known to double roast this one to give it a unique flavour profile.

Roast Level: Medium

Sensory: Buttered Bread, Toffee, Dry Grass

Origin: Central America

Peru Café Femenino

Malty and bready in the smell. Caramel and vanilla in the flavour with subtle berry. Medium acidity and Medium body. Grown in the northern highlands, close to the Andes. That’s super high up.

Roast Level: Light

Sensory Notes: Granola, Pipe Tobacco, Toast

Origin: South America

Sleepy Monks Own

Fruity aroma, leading into a tangy apple flavour with subtle hints of vanilla. Another one of our own recipes of 3 origin coffees. This is our original Fair Trade roast and our most popular. It is low acidity and high in body. So if you’re feeling sleepy…

Roast Level: Medium

Sensory Notes: Malt, Lemongrass, Red Wine, Caramel

Origin: Central America and Indonesia


Grown on an island in western Indonesia, affectionately referred to as Frank Sumatra around Baden. This one has an aroma of toasted oats and wine. Smokey and spicy in the flavour. High acidity and Medium body. Doo bee doo be doo…exchanging glances.

Roast Level: Dark

Sensory Notes: Damp Wood, Licorice, Smoke, Bakers Chocolate

Origin: Indonesia