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Bella Nero / Medium Roast / $15

This is a great tasting espresso bean so we gave it an Italian name. Great body and flavour. We think you’ll love it. Bueno.

Castle Reserve / Medium Roast / $13

Named after Castle Kilbride right here in Baden. Wild Rice in the aroma carrying into flavours of garden peas and an earthy tone. Fruity aftertaste with Medium body. Visit the Castle next time you’re in Baden. You won’t be disappointed.

Festival Roast / Dark Roast/ $13

This was first exclusively roasted for a customer of ours but soon proved too good to keep it a secret. Toasted bread and wine in the aroma. Charred wood and smoky flavour. Medium Body. Popular with the ‘Inn’ crowd

Galapagos / Medium Roast / $22

We know Darwin would be impressed with the flavour of this underappreciated coffee. Fresh cut and damp wood in the aroma. Roasted and toasted nuts in the flavour with a quick syrup finish. Low acidity and low body. This has ‘evolved’ into a great tasting coffee.

Indian Monsoon / Medium Roast / $13

The beans are laid out and exposed to Monsoon rainstorms to replicate the original process and flavour profile from centuries ago. Floral aroma with caramel and syrup in the flavour. You’ll find an aftertaste of roasted hazelnut with low acidity and Medium body. Put on your raincoat.

Kenya AA / Medium Roast / $15

The rich, volcanic soil of Eastern Africa gives this coffee its distinct flavour. It has an aroma of cinnamon and spice and flavours of rich chocolate and butter. This excellent coffee is low in acidity and has a high body and bursting with flavour.

Peaks / Medium Roast / $13

We named this roast after the glacier made ‘kames’ just outside of town. They reach 434 metres in height and contrary to popular belief we do not grow our coffee here. Aroma of bread and flavours of honey and butter. Caramel in the aftertaste with low acidity and a Medium body. A great way to re-live a summer trip to Baden.

Recipe 97 / Medium Roast / $20

Nobody knows the troubles we’ve seen. It took us 96 roasting attempts to get it perfect but we think we have it. Scents of cocoa and molasses. Syrup and spice on the flavour. Aftertaste of sweet honey with high body. It was definitely worth the effort.

Sixth Avenue / Medium Roast / $13

Our roastmaster grew up on Sixth Avenue so he created this special roast recipe. Wet rice and berry in the aroma, caramel and roasted nuts in the flavour. It has a very low acidity and Medium body. Memories light the corners of his mind.

Tango / Medium Roast / $13

It takes two to tango but only one guy to roast it. Light berry and unripe fruit in the aroma. Honey, herbs and garden peas in the flavour. Vanillas in the aftertaste with low acidity and Medium body. Have a cup with your dance partner.

Hawaiian Kona / Medium Roast / $36

Cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Bread and wheat in the smell, toast and cucumber in the flavour. Toasted nuts in the aftertaste with low acidity and high body. Book ‘em Dano and get me a Kona.

Jamaican Blue Mountain / Medium Roast / $49

Grown exclusively in the Blue Mountain region between Kingston and Port Antonio. Vanilla and pastry like aroma with vanilla, chocolate and butter in the flavours. Winey aftertaste with medium acidity and high body. This coffee is almost as famous as Marley.

Kopi Luwak / Medium Roast / $250

These beans go through an incredibly interesting journey before we roast them to perfection. Rich aroma, full-bodied, slightly syrupy with a clean aftertaste. On almost every aficionado’s bucket list. Start saving your pennies.

Puerto Rico / Medium Roast / $23

Another hard to find bean because of limited growing regions. Dark fruit and unsweetened chocolate in the flavour. Herby and vanilla in the taste with lingering sweetness in the aftertaste. Low acidity and Medium body. Not always available year round.

Rwanda / Medium Roast / $13

Grown in “the land of a thousand hills” this superb bean has citrus notes with hints of fruit and chocolate. It is much sought after as an exotic coffee and we are sure you will enjoy this pleasant tasting newcomer to our selection.

Sandhills / Light Roast / $13

We tip our hat to another Baden landmark in this tribute recipe. A distinct aroma of nuts with flavours of spices and cloves. Low in body and low in acidity. We think we did the famous Sandhills justice.

Tuscany’s Secret / Medium Roast / $15

This great tasting coffee is named after a region in Italy famous for coffee roasting. In Italy there is a different coffee for every mood and time of day. We’re not telling you which one this is for. That’s the secret.