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After Dark / Dark Roast / $15

Smokey and spicy in the smell carrying over into a flavour with hints of charred wood. Medium body and high acidity. An excellent after dinner choice.

Charlie’s Secret / Dark Roast / $15

This is a tightly guarded recipe that only one person has knowledge of. You will detect the cedar and ground pepper aroma, a smoky flavour with high acidity. Good balance across palate. Only Charlie knows the secret.

Christmas Morning / Light Roast / $15

Wake up to this gem on your favourite day of the year. We only roast it in small batches exclusively for the holiday season. Buy a few extra pounds so you can have it well into the spring. Ho Ho Ho!

Cafe Femeneno Peruvian / Medium Roast / $15

Grown in the northern highlands of Peru near the Andes helps to create a unique flavour profile. Malty and bready in the smell. Caramel and vanilla in the flavour with subtle berry. Medium acidity and medium body.

Colombian / Medium Roast / $15

Grassy, wet earth aroma, which carries into the flavour along with notes of garden peas. It has a chocolaty aftertaste with low acidity and light body. A long time favourite with many a connoisseur.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe / Medium Roast / $15

Berry like aroma that carries into the flavour along with slight citrus notes. Low acidity with a medium to light body. Ethiopia "the home of coffee" is where the first coffee bean was discovered and cultivated.

Midnight Obsession / Dark Roast / $15

Traces of burnt pine and ash can be found in the aroma followed by a pleasant, smoky taste. Low in acidity and medium in body.

Sleepy Monks Own / Medium Roast / $15

Fruity aroma, leading into a tangy apple flavour with subtle hints of vanilla. Our original and most popular Fair Trade recipe uses 3 origin coffees. Low in acidity and high in body. So if you’re feeling sleepy…

Thailand Doi Chaang / Medium Roast / $15

This sometimes hard to find bean has an aroma of nuts, molasses and moist pipe tobacco. Hints of nut carry over to the flavour along with dark berry. Medium body with a silky feel. The bean is known as a "peaberry" in reference to its small round shape.

Costa Rican / Light Roast / $15

An aroma of grain and cinnamon, with pastry flavours and hints of sweet fruit. Low acidity and medium body, with an aftertaste of almonds.

Guatemalan / Light Roast / $15

Toffee and brown sugar in the aroma and a light syrup and honey flavour. Slight hints of citrus can also be found here. Very low in acidity and has a Medium body.

Mexican / Light Roast / $15

Aromas of toast and wild rice turning into flavours of honey and thick syrup. Buttery and caramelized in the aftertaste with high acidity and medium body.

Nicaraguan / Light Roast / $15

Sweet caramel in the aroma carrying over into the flavour with dark berry and herbs. Grassy aftertaste with Medium acidity and medium body. We have been known to double roast this one to give it a unique flavour profile.

Sumatra Mandheling / Dark Roast / $15

Grown on a mountainous island in western Indonesia. This one has an aroma of toasted oats and wine. Smokey and spicy in the flavour. High acidity and medium body.