Food Service

You work hard. Your restaurant is your pride and joy. You serve up great everyday. Nothing finishes off a good meal like a great cup of coffee. That’s where we come in. Freshly roasted whole beans is the way to go if you really want to serve the best cup possible. We can develop your own signature blend or you can choose from any one of our single origin or blended artisan coffees.

We roast every day on our Jabez Burns Roaster. We deliver our coffee to your door within a week of roasting. Our delivery van smells amazing. Do your customers a favour. Grind it fresh, every pot. Some of them might even tweet about it.

And if you don’t want to grind beans we also have the convenient fraction pack. You choose the weight and we’ll bring it over.


Selling Baden coffee in your retail outlet is another thing we love to do. And we can customize a label for whatever coffee you want to sell. We can design your label to include your logo in order to give your business brand recognition. We have 8 and 16 ounce bags available in two types of packaging. And if you want to sell our coffee by the cup we can provide you with the equipment free of charge.

Office Coffee

Drinking coffee in the office first became popular in 1957. And for some the experience hasn’t been as good as it could have been. Don’t suffer like your parents did. All you have to do is call us. We supply the brewers. Or if you want to grind your own, we’ll supply you with a grinder too. And of course the coffee. Fair Trade or conventional we have what you need. Even Gary in receivables will be impressed. And he knows coffee. Suffer no more! Call us. Oh don’t worry about maintaining the machine. That comes with the service.

Health Care

Your clients are important to you. And they deserve a good cup of coffee at the end of their meal. We carry a full line of superb coffees that will fit in with your budget. Whether you require large brewers or a regular pour through, we can supply the equipment. Don’t worry about fixing the machines. Dan is pretty handy with a screwdriver.

We have served many Health Care institutions over the years and they are still satisfied with our service, products, and costing. Call a few of them and find out why.

See our customer testimonials for more details.


We carry all kinds of equipment at our retail outlet. If you need a Baratza grinder or some brewing equipment give us a call.
You might even like the Clever Dripper. It makes a superb cup of coffee if you want an alternative to drip or French Press. Grind your beans. Place filter in the dripper. Place ground coffee in the filter. Heat up the water and pour over grounds. Let it sit for 4 minutes stirring occasionally. Then place the dripper over your mug and release the contents.